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Romances are blooming after the speed dating dancing night.
Vittorio finally gets his wish. A few of the speed dating dancing couples have signed up for classes.
Francesco begins a relationship with Halie but another girl, Gwyn, suddenly breaks up with her boyfriend and is now interested in him. Francesco likes both Halie and Gwyn even though Abby has a big crush on Francesco but for now she just prefers to watch him.
Vittorio tries to give Francesco advice but it goes ignored. Vittorio must first deal with the fact that the building in which the dance studio is situated will be soon demolished.
Other blossoming romances include Sullivan has feelings for Sofia the Yoga instructor. Ramsey wants to dance with Sarah but he feels she will reject him. Donna must finish her thesis on dating in the digital age but Drew keeps interrupting her with questions.
As they all struggle to find love they might just realize it’s not as allusive as they may think. That’s Amore.

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