Main Characters


The owner of the That’s Amore dance studio. He is content with his business and hopes to one day pass it down to his son. He just wishes his son were more focused and goal-oriented. He is frustrated his son cannot prioritize relationships and understand the consequences of his actions.

Favourite line:
“It is all connected, (love) almost like a dance.”


Vittorio’s son. He is restless and knows his father wants to pass the dance studio down to him, but is unsure whether he really wants to take it over. When three women give him attention, he attempts dating them simultaneously, resulting in confusion and stress.

Favourite line:

“I think she likes that name better because every time
I try to correct her it’s like talking to a sheep.”


Has started a new job in the city. She and Francesco have started dating but she feels Francesco is distracted. She suspects something is going on and grows impatient with his odd behaviour.

Favourite line:

Halie: Stop hiding
Abby: Show us who you are!
Halie: It’s Francesco.
Abby: I know!


Starts a new speed dating business. She meets Francesco at the dance studio and together they plan a successful speed-dating event. Having just broken up with her boyfriend, she believes the best way to forget her previous relationship is to start a new one. As a result, she asks Francesco out on a date.

Favourite line:
“Have you found my bell yet? It’s important to my family.”


Has always had a crush on Francesco and believes he’s finally going to ask her out! However, their interaction proves otherwise and she grows frustrated waiting for him to make the first move.


Is the yoga instructor. She is happy with her life and loves her profession but can’t maintain a relationship. Her choice in men is often questionable, but she always stays positive.

Favourite line:
“Go be with what’s her name, from someplace that I don’t care. Bye.”


Has realized he has made a mistake by cheating on Sofia. He just wants her back and goes to her place of work to plead for forgiveness.

Supporting Characters



Is heavily into manga, anime and cosplay. He is socially awkward yet is always talking about his hobbies. He has a crush on Sarah but can’t muster up the nerve to ask her to dance with him.



Likes Ramsey but he always seems to disappear when she sees him. She hopes he will finally stick around after class so they can get to know one another.



Decides to take a Bollywood dance class. He is completely oblivious Donna is interested in him.



Is a sociology major researching dating habits. During her research, she decides to take dance classes.



Just wants to date. After trying online dating and all but given up on love, he meets Sofia at the speed-dating night and is immediately smitten. He joins her yoga class in hopes he will get the chance to ask her out. He just needs to find the right moment.



A representative of the developer who is buying out all the retail outlets in the block. He offers Vittorio a chance to be part of the new development at its onset. He has also attended the dance studio as a participant of the speed-dating dance night.



Is a bit hurt when Donna doesn’t choose him after the speed-dating event and is desperate for answers.

Jayesh, Dance Instructor


Teaches Bollywood style dance at the studio and has his own dance troupe on the side. He is very patient with his students but is ultimately frustrated by their flippant attitude towards Bollywood style – a dance he holds dear to his heart.