Main Characters

Matteo De Cola

as Vittorio

Owner of That’s Amore Dance Studio. He is content with his business and hopes to one day pass it down to his son. He only wishes his son were more focused in life, instead of always coming up with money-making schemes for the dance studio.

Nicholas Paleolog

as Francesco

Vittorio’s son. He is restless and knows his father wants him to take over the family business but he’s unsure if that’s what he really wants to do with his life. Always thinking of new ways to recruit more customers at the studio, it seems as though each scheme is related to the girl he’s interested in. However, he’s confident this time will be different and his newest idea will win him the girl!

Lindsay Ivan

as Halie

Arrives late to the speed dating event. She’s known Francesco since they were teenagers living in the same small town, but he ghosted her on social media shortly after he and his father moved away.

Alana Goldie Aizic

as Gwyn

Is starting a speed dating business. When she meets Francesco, he suggests hosting a speed-dating event at his studio – the perfect opportunity to launch her business.

Madeleine Diantha

as Abby

Has always had a crush on Francesco and excitedly always thinks he’s seeking her out. Their interaction proves otherwise.

Stephen Vani

as Angelo

Dance instructor assisting Vittorio. He has maintained this job since graduating from the studio. He feels a sense of family and stability at That’s Amore.

Stephanie Tari

as Sofia

Yoga teacher at the dance studio. She’s content with her life but can’t seem to hold down a relationship with her questionable choice in men.

Speed Daters

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