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Episode 1: The Attraction

Romances are blooming after the speed dating dancing night. Francesco is baffled by his feelings for both Halie and Gwyn. All the while Abby steps up her pursuit of Francesco.

Episode 2: Dilemma

Francesco finds himself in a dilemma when he starts a relationship with Halie and then Gwyn asks him out.

Episode 3: The Offer

Vittorio receives an offer to buy the dance studio.

Episode 4: Commitments

Vittorio is amused that Francesco has several women pursuing him. Francesco learns of the offer to sell the dance studio.

Episode 5: Life Lessons

Francesco finally succumbs to Abby’s badgering and agrees to go out with her but it’s the same night he plans to go out with Halie…and Gwyn.

Episode 6: That’s Amore too

Francesco is about to be confronted by all three women and does the only thing he can think of –he hides.