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Episode 1: The Lull

Francesco is frustrated. Weekdays at the dance studio he co-owns with his father Vittorio are virtually empty as he struggles to recruit more people to join classes.

Episode 2: The Idea

Francesco is instantly attracted to Gwyn, who is starting a speed dating company. He tries to convince his father to hold a speed dating night at the dance studio so he can spend more time with Gwyn.

Episode 3: The Meeting

Vittorio is skeptical about hosting the speed dating night at the dance studio but reluctantly accepts, even though it’s Gwyn’s first time hosting an event.

Episode 4: The First Steps

It’s the big night at That’s Amore Dance Company as Gwyn’s first speed dating event unfolds, but with a snag: different age groups responded. Confusion and discomfort collide, though some participants are still eager for a connection.

Episode 5: The Reunion

Francesco is flustered when a latecomer to the speed dating night is someone he ghosted on social media. Vittorio is amused by his son’s discomfort.